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EN 15266

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Effizient - 70% schnellere und einfachere Montage
Flexibel - Einfach biegbares Rohr aus Edelstahl
Sicher - Minimum an Verbindungsstellen.



The BOAGAZ gas installation system allows you to opt for a modern and above all safe gas installation system. High-quality materials combined with sophisticated technology give rise to a unique, connectionless installation option. BOAGAZ can be used for pressures of up to 500 mbar in single- and multi-family dwellings and in commerce and industry. The advantages of our stainless steel piping system include its flexibility, which enables a user-friendly, rapid and above all safe gas installation.

With over 40 years of market experience, BOAGAZ are the experts in Europe in the field of flexible gas installation systems. The pliable gas pipes were originally developed for earthquake-prone regions. Their potential in terms of maximising safety, especially in residential applications, was quickly recognised.

BOAGAZ operates throughout Europe and is synonymous with safety, quality, customer proximity in the form of tailored support and the widest range of flexible stainless steel gas pipe systems. Visit our website and learn more about the technology, the system’s user-friendliness and the countless solutions available to you by opting for the BOAGAZ system.  


… thanks to connectionless pipe-laying. 

We guarantee a minimum number of connection points, thus reducing potential leaks. Our couplings also have two sealing locations, thus creating a double seal. All our pipes are checked in the factory to ensure that they are 100% leak-tight and receive corrosion protection.


… installation of gas pipes up to 70 % more quickly.  

The flexibility of our pipes also saves time when quotations are issued. During installation you benefit from the high degree of user-friendliness and assembly without the need for special tools. A point worth noting – as the size of a project increases, the benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness rise even faster.


… enhances the comfort of your workplace from the planning stage right down to installation. 

Wherever you need a bend you can achieve this manually in a matter of seconds. Unforeseen obstacles at sites or modern, dry construction techniques are ideally suited to BOAGAZ. The possibility of laying pipes without the need for connectors offers novel and simpler installation solutions.

The convincing system solution:




Used worldwide over the past 40 years

Safety - origin of a product idea

The BOAGAZ System consists of what is referred to in jargon as a CSST System (Corrugated Stainless System), also known as Pliable Tubing, PLT in short. BOAGAZ was one of the first companies to introduce this product in Europe, but the origins of the PLT system lie in Japan. It was there in the 1980s that an intensive search was undertaken for a solution for earthquake-proof gas pipes. The problem resided in the fact that rigid systems could break even in the case of moderate vibrations. The solution was a stainless steel corrugated pipe capable of absorbing these vibrations to a certain degree, thus laying the foundation for what is now probably the safest gas installation system.


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