Certified according to:
EN 15266
Einsatz Application Map
False ceilings

Lay BOAGAZ without a protective tube in hanging ceilings.

Thermal springs

Simple connection to thermal springs even in confined spaces.


Pipes can be laid in cavities, shafts, disused and retired chimneys without protective tubes.

On plaster

BOAGAZ can be used for exposed pipe installations. The option of using galvanized clip shells is available so as to create a metallic visual effect and provide additional protection.


Create small bend radii in seconds by hand, thus saving space

Use BOAGAZ for natural gas/liquid gas indoor installations.

Under screed

BOAGAZ can be laid under/in floor screed (only authorised in certain countries).

Buried piping

BOAGAZ can be laid underground in a protective tube (only authorised in certain countries)


Unforeseen obstacles can be easily negotiated as required. Simply create bends by hand as required.


The use of a protective tube is recommended for wall leadthroughs.

Lightweight constructions

Rapid and user-friendly installation in lightweight constructions

Under plaster

Lay BOAGAZ without a protective tube and benefit from end-to-end corrosion protection.


One system many applications

The BOAGAZ system solution for gas can be used in Europe for indoor natural gas and liquid gas installations up to 500 mbar. The system can also be used with most biogases and industrial gases.

You can use BOAGAZ both for small projects when carrying out renovation work and for complete gas installations in large-scale projects. No matter whether the system is used in residential buildings or in commerce and industry, the potential savings in terms of costs and time increase more quickly as the size/degree of difficulty of the project increases.

When undertaking BOAGAZ installations, the guidelines of the country in which the gas piping system is installed must be observed. Please check if there are any local requirements or whether permits must be obtained or feel free to talk to one of our staff for more information. 

Residential buildings

  • savings in time and costs
  • maximum safety
  • ideal for use with dry construction techniques
  • ideal for connections to kitchen islands
  • ideal in small, confined spaces
  • new construction and renovations




  • savings in time and costs
  • adherence to project deadlines
  • maximum safety
  • efficient and user-friendly
  • ideal for use e.g. in catering
  • new constructions and renovations



  • savings in time and costs
  • simple, quick dimensioning and quotations
  • economies of scale attainable as the size of a project increases
  • lengths of up to 640 m can be ordered


Used worldwide
over the past
40 years 


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