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About us

BOAGAZ has been supplying CSST systems to projects across Europe since 2011. Though the company, whose head office is in Austria, can actually look back at over 40 years of market experience.  Recognised as CSST specialists across Europe, BOAGAZ have offices in Germany, France and the UK and support customers through a distribution network in other countries:

SOPER (Benelux)
KLIMIT (Italy)
TERRAGAZ (Eastern Europe)

BOAGAZ are committed to supplying high-performance products that deliver in terms of safety, ease of installation and cost-effectiveness.

Your installation partner

Reliable partners and satisfied customers are important to us.Together with our sales partners, we take our relationships with our customers very seriously. We are committed to providing high-performance products backed by outstanding technical support and training. FIND OUT MORE.

Origin of a product idea

The idea of flexible gas pipes originated in the 1980s and came from Japan. The challenge there was to create earthquake-proof gas pipes. Rigid pipes often ruptured, even during minor earthquakes, and so a search was undertaken to find a solution to this problem. The answer was pliable gas tubing (PLT). The corrugated tubes are capable of absorbing vibrations to a certain extent. It wasn’t long before the flexible gas pipes triumphed, first in the US and then Europe. Today they ensure maximum safety in gas installations.

Your success is our goal!

CEO and founder
Rainer Zimmermann

Waltraud Lechner

Product management
Nikolaus Rois

Marketing & PR
Karoline Winter

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