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We have a wide range of resources available, each designed to make working with BOAGAZ CSST as easy as possible.
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System design service

From establishing the optimum installation route, to identifying any potential barriers, our FREE system design service will take the hassle out of planning your next gas installation.  A member of our technical team will work from your plans to identify the size and length of CSST the project will require – looking at ways to minimise waste and save costs. Next, they will identify the best route for the CSST to take through the structure. And, because BOAGAZ CSST is a flexible choice, it can easily be bent by hand, meaning installation in even complex structures is easily achieved, without the needs for elbows and joints. To find out more about the FREE system design service, contact us today.

UK: coming soon

For Belgium/TheNetherlands you can download our SizingTool here: 

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