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EN 15266
Boagaz accessories




As a system supplier, our product range includes all the accessories required to install our system in compliance with prevailing standards. All our accessories are specially adapted and system-tested for use with BOAGAZ products. When it comes to tools, you can be sure of finding the right pipe cutter for stainless steel corrugated pipes and stripping knives with hook blades. Following authorisation of our system for installation under floor screed, we expanded our range of tools to include suitable, authorised protective tubes. In the event that a half-ring is mislaid during assembly or a seal has to be replaced, we can supply these items as spare parts. If you cannot find an article in our product range, we are happy to receive any suggestions you may have by writing to service@boagaz.com


Product range

  • tools
  • assembly aids
  • clip shells
  • thread lock
  • insulation material

Clip shells (optional)

Our clip shells are made of galvanised steel and are precisely adjusted in terms of size for use with BOAGAZ pipes. The use of clip shells with exposed pipe installations is optional, where they offer:


  • a metallic and perfectly straight visual effect 
  • additional protection
  • additional stability
  • the possibility of increasing spacing between brackets.

A clip shell is 2 metres long, trimmed as required and available in any size. It can be clipped before or behind the pipe depending on the desired visual effect or required purpose.

Protective tubes (optional)

For installations under floor screed we recommend the use of protective tubes.


Our product range includes protective tubes with a compression strength of N 450. You can opt to fit these protective tubes, thus protecting pipes laid under screed, especially during the construction phase, from mechanical damage. Protective tubes for use with the BOAGAZ system are available in the following sizes: DN 15, DN 20, DN 25 and DN 32.

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